Classes & Events

Drip Irrigation 101
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 1st at 11 AM – Zoom Class
Let us help you simplify this process so you can enjoy spending time in your garden. This class will explain when drip is appropriate and how to easily install it yourself. Making some simple changes can save money on water bills and keep your plants healthier.

Inspections and Problem Solving in the Hive
Zoom Class Date: Sunday, June 5th at 11 AM
*Optional In-person Hive Inspection Demo: Sunday, June 12th
The Zoom class will cover the basics of regular hive inspections and how to recognize and solve common problems. Find out how to conduct a hive inspection and how to read your frames. Common problems will be covered including disease & pest recognition and treatment, how to gauge the health of your queen, and when to add a new brood box or honey super. Click on link to find out more about the hive inspection demonstration.

Summer Planting for Fall & Winter Gardening
In-person Class Date: Wednesday, June 22nd at 11 AM – REGISTER HERE
Zoom Class Date: Sunday, June 26th at 11 AM – REGISTER HERE
We will talk about what crops to plant when, and tips on how to avoid or overcome some of the challenges of summer planting and winter growing including watering for germination, insect control, and frost protection.

Missed a class? Go to our Youtube channel to watch class recordings and short tutorials.