Classes & Events

All About Garlic & Onions – Zoom Class
Date & Time: Wednesday, September 29th at 11am
Learn how to plant, harvest, and store garlic; what varieties work best in the Pacific Northwest, the difference between hard and soft neck, and many other tips and pointers for having your best garlic season ever! Also learn how to plant, harvest, and store onion; what varieties work best, the difference between short day, long day and day neutral varieties, along with other tips and pointers.

Mason Bee Fall Care – Zoom Class
Date & Time: Sunday, October 17th at 11am
By the end of summer, mason bees will have completed their development from egg to pupa, to cocooned adult. The adult bees hibernate in their cocoons for the winter. Now that they have developed, it is a perfect time for you as a mason beekeeper to prepare the bees for safe winter storage and clean nesting materials for next spring’s mason bee release.

Intro to Native Plants – Zoom Class
Date & Time: Sunday, October 24th at 11am
We will cover a range of native species of shrubs and perennials, including whether they are suitable for planting in traditional irrigated landscapes or are better in less managed settings, and how they can help solve some of the tricky planting situations our local sites and soils create.

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