OSU Extension Benton County
Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener volunteers are neighbors, friends and family who you can go to for garden advice that is grounded in science and locally relevant.

Corvallis Sustainability Coalition
The Coalition Food Action Team Garden Resource Guide is an excellent resource for residents who are interested in growing their own food. New additions are published annually.

Corvallis Evening Garden Club
The Evening Garden Club offers fantastic opportunities to hear from key-note speakers who share their gardening secrets. Lectures are open to non-members for $5 donation.

Neighborhood Planters’ Kiosk Blog
Helping to build thriving communities through garden information. This is the place to find out about important garden events in our community and season appropriate tips for your garden.

Corvallis Garden Share Facebook Group
A Facebook group for Corvallis-area community members to share all things gardening! This is a great platform to connect and share your growing resources.


Linn-Benton Beekeeper’s Association
Offers presentations by experts and local beekeepers on seasonally-appropriate topics. If you find a swarm, please see their website for a list of beekeepers who can remove it.

Oregon Master Beekeeper Program
Great resource for access to series of classes, readings and hands-on sessions offered at both Apprentice (beginner) and Journey (advanced) levels.
A website truly dedicated to educating readers about every possible aspect of bees and beekeeping, and to help you learn the enormous importance that bees have on the human population.

Native Plants

OregonFlora Project
The OregonFlora Project offers wonderful information on native flora. Use their native plant search tools to find plants best suited to your tastes and your yard.

Benton Soil & Water Conservation District – Native Plant Program
BSWCD offers great information on native plants. Check out their Native Plant Database to find out more on our beloved native plants.



Container Gardening – Learn the different types of containers you can use, the advantages, the best potting soils for container gardening and also give some tips on how to care for your container plantings over time.

Favorite Soil Amendments – Learn about our favorite organic soil amendments, the benefits to using them, and what the different strengths are for each of these soil amendments.

Organic Blended Fertilizers – Learn about the blended organic fertilizers which will include: the value of organic fertilizers in growing healthy flowers and productive vegetable gardens; the different blended organic fertilizers available; the ideal way to use each of them; and finally, when to apply for best results

Raised Bed Gardening Basics – Learn about the basics of raised bed gardening which include: different styles of raised bed gardening, advantages, our favorite soil recipe and how to care for your raised beds.

Value of Manures – Learn the value of organic composted manures to grow healthy, beautiful flowers and productive vegetable gardens, the different organic manures available, their best use in the yard and when to apply for best results.

Mulching Basics – Learn about the basics of mulching which include: the different mulch materials to use, the advantages, the different applications of mulches and when to apply mulch.

To learn from other videos by Glenridge Gardens on their Youtube channel, CLICK HERE.


Get easy-to-follow gardening tips and instructions from more than 50 videos filmed in the Renee’s Garden Seed Company trial gardens. Below are a few popular topics to get you on your way to becoming a successful seed starter of your favorite plants!

Starting Tomatoes from Seed – Learn step by step how to start tomato seeds early indoors. Covers store bought and recycled containers, soil mix and planting technique.

Sow and Grow Baby Lettuce in Containers – Trial manager Lindsay demonstrates her easy technique for planting, growing and harvesting baby lettuce in containers for continuous delicious fresh salads.

How to Grow Beekeeper’s Flower Mix – Trail manager Lindsay goes step by step through the process of sowing and growing Renee’s Garden beekeeper’s flower seed mix to attract, feed, and nurture bees and pollinators all summer long.

Check out more videos by Renee’s Garden Seed Company at their website, CLICK HERE.