Bare Root Planting Made Easy

One of the most important things to planting your bare-root plants is to make sure the roots are never allowed to dry out. Follow these planting guidelines for your bare root plant(s):

1. Remove all wrapping and packaging material.

2. Check that roots are moist and alive. Trim out any dead (brittle, dry) roots.

3. Dig a hole large enough to fit all roots horizontally without bending, and deep enough so the base of the trunk sits where the soil line is. For fruit trees, make sure to not bury the grafted root stock knuckle.

4.  Combine 1/2 of the excavated native soil half and half with a planting compost mix. Mix a granular fertilizer into the soil mix (follow directions for amount).

5. Set the plant in the hole at the correct depth and backfill with amended soil (50% native soil from the hole, 50% compost mix and fertilizer).

6. Form a berm around trunk (a ring as wide as the hole) using soil. This allows water to soak in slowly rather than washing soil away.

7. Mix root stimulator with water in a watering jug, and water in the plant slowly and thoroughly. Water again with root stimulator mix after one week.

8. Prune about 1/3 of the top from the plant to help balance the top growth and the root system.

NOTE: With grafted plants, make sure the graft is at least 1 inch above the soil-line after planting. You NEVER want to put a graft at or below the soil line.

Soils Amendments, Fertilizer & Root Stimulator

Please give us a call to ask about amounts needed at 541-929-3524, or ask an associate at the store check-out.

#1 Essential Root Stimulator

When planting woody shrubs and trees, and herbaceous non-edible plants, apply Fertilome Root Stimulator to reduce transplant shock, promote early root formation and strengthen root development. This product is not intended for vegetable or culinary herb plants.

Fruit Trees | Roses | Grapes | Currants | Elderberries | Strawberries

G&B Organics Planting Mix is great for a variety of in-ground planting projects, including planting, amending or mulching – holding moisture and improving drainage. The G&B Organics Starter Fertilizer increases transplant success and feeds for several months.

Blueberries | Blackberries | Raspberries

Use G&B Organics Acid Planting Mix and Rhododendron, Azalea & Camellia Fertilizer for planting as these plants grow best in acidic soils.

Shade & Flowering Trees

For large plants with deep roots, the G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner breaks up hard clay soils, improving drainage and adding micro-nutrients to the soil. It can also be used for mulching and top dressing. The Starter fertilizer is a great choice for this group of plants too.

Other helpful items for support:

  • Chainlock
  • Stakes
  • Tree Gator Water Bags

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