News from the Oregon State Beekeepers Convention

Hello again beekeepers!

I want to pass on a couple things that were talked about at this year’s Oregon State Beekeepers Convention:

We learned that beehive losses were around 50 percent, so don’t feel bad if your hives didn’t do so well. The mites were especially bad this year regardless of mite treatment after the honey pull around August 1st; hives were commonly re-infected in September and October by your neighbors’ untreated hives. The good news is that if they are alive today they have a good chance of making it through the next 2 months. If they have mites the best option for treatment this time of year is Oxalic acid.

Another crucial element is nutrition. Proper feeding creates healthy fat bees that can fight off all the diseases and problems that mites bring. So feed your bees right now pro winter patties and/or heavy sugar syrup. It is getting cold but the bees should be able to eat the sugar syrup in the next couple of weeks. After that, just feed the pro winter patties once more in December on a warm day. You can also begin to feed dry sugar or fondant if a colony feels light when hefted from the back. Remember when placing the patty in the hive box, it needs to go directly on the middle frames under the inner cover or lid.

Good luck and happy beekeeping!

-Fred Selby