Wild Mushroom Identification Class

A photo of two yellow Chantarelles in the moss an autumnday in Sweden.

Wild Mushroom Identification Class
Instructor:  Steven E. Carpenter, Ph.D.
Cost:  $25 for the 3 Class Series

Location: Shonnard’s Nursery


This class series is for beginners who want to identify some edible and poisonous mushrooms. We will work on how to identify mushrooms, and do in-class identification of mushrooms brought in by the instructor and participants. Course includes 2 in-class sessions and a morning/afternoon field trip.


Class 1, October 13th @ 10am – 12pm:
Resources for mushrooms: Books, web sources, etc.
What are mushrooms?
Mushroom Biology
Spore prints
Identify mushrooms brought to class

Class 2, October 26th @ 10am – 12pm:
Spore prints
How to use a mushroom key
Edible mushrooms
Poisonous mushrooms
Identify mushrooms brought to class

Field Trip, November 3rd, 10am – 2pm (flexible depending on weather):
Location, TBD, Marys Peak or other local area.

Recommended books:
Mushrooms of Marys Peak and Vicinity by Steven E. Carpenter
All That the Rain Promises and More by David Arora

Early November is a great time to find many kinds of mushrooms locally. The timing will enable you to attend the Yachats Mushroom Festival on October 18-20th.