Wild Mushroom Identification Class

A photo of two yellow Chantarelles in the moss an autumnday in Sweden.

Wild Mushroom Identification Class
Instructor:  Steven E. Carpenter, Ph.D.
Cost:  $25 for the 3 Class Series

This class series is for beginners who want to identify some edible and poisonous mushrooms. We will work on how to identify mushrooms, and in class identify mushrooms brought in by the instructor and participants. Course includes 2 in-class sessions and a morning/afternoon field trip.

mushroom-bookClass 1 (October 7th, 10am):
Resources for mushrooms: Books, web sources, etc.
What are mushrooms?
Mushroom Biology
Spore prints
Identify mushrooms brought to class

Class 2 (October 14th, 10 am):
Spore prints
How to use a mushroom key
Edible mushrooms
Poisonous mushrooms
Identify mushrooms brought to class

Field Trip (November 3rd, time TBD, flexible depending on weather):
Marys Peak or other local area depending on weather

Recommended books:
Mushrooms of Marys Peak and Vicinity by Steven E. Carpenter
All the Rain Brings and More by David Arora

Early November is a great time to find many kinds of mushrooms locally. The timing will enable you to attend the Yachats Mushroom Festival on October 19-21 and the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival on October 28.