All You Need is Love and Plants this Valentine’s Day

Here’s some Valentine’s Day inspiration to get the love flowing.

The beauty of a flower lifts our spirit like singing what can’t be sung. Flowers spark our curiosity, draw us in, and create positive emotions. They intricately stimulate our senses and make us feel lifted but also calm.

So this Valentine’s Day, harness the magic of flowers to speak that mysterious language of love for you.

However, if there’s nothing you can say or do, we’ll happily agree with the call to action by Miley Cyrus, you can buy yourself flowers.

We’ll Plant it For You

Starting today through Valentine’s Day, when you buy a plant and a pot we will happily plant it for you with no extra potting fee.

We have a grand selection of indoor and outdoor pottery offering unique textures, colors, and styles.

Beautiful Bloomers

Easter cactus (right and left photos below), bromeliads, orchids, African violets, and more – right now our houseplant department is bountiful with these beautiful bloomers.

There are also outdoor blooming plants to be found! When you come to find the perfect bloomer, make sure to wander into the greenhouse and discover what will brighten up the outdoor space too.

Special Delivery

We have fresh floral arrangements ready for you to pick-up, or have us make a special delivery on Valentine’s Day.

An arrangement of gorgeous red roses is always a winner for the romantic at heart.

Not the red roses type? A mixed floral arrangement, or roses and alstroemeria are beautiful choices and are available in different color combinations. Place your order sooner than later if you want custom colors!

Do they like lilies? Our show-stopping Fragrant Meadow arrangement is made with star gazer lilies and roses that will be sure to delight the senses.

Is your love one-of-a-kind? Let us know your preferences, and our florist will create a designer’s choice arrangement with your vision in mind. Place your order right away for custom designs.

Be Extra Sweet

It’s the extra touch of thoughtfulness that makes the sweetest of memories.

Pair a flower arrangement with a luxurious soap that will have them thinking of you each time they get washed up.

Local honey, a sun catcher, windchime, or a silly cute gnome are other great pairings that will take you to the next level.

Get creative, and make it fun!