Annual Fall Sale – Last Chance!


This is the time to fill your yard with beautiful plants that you can enjoy in years to come. Enjoy discounts of up to 60% off select perennials, shrubs and trees. We have great deals all over the store! Shop our huge table of garden gifts and outdoor glazed pottery, both 40% off.

Sale Trees and Shrubs – Oct 2016

$5.00 ea.:
Genista lydia, Pontentilla, Cistus, Ligustrum japonicum Texanu, Euonymus japonica Microphylla, Euonymus Moonshadow, Spiraea Neon Flash

$7.00 ea.:
Roses, Parthenocissus ‘Engelmann’

$10.00 ea.:
Nandina Firepower, Honeyberries, Clematis, Physocarpus (dwarf varieties, 2 gal), Loropetalum ZhouZhou, Dwarf lilac (1gal), Crepe Myrtles (dwarf, 1 gal)

$15.00 ea.:
Physocarpus (3 to 5 gal), Lilacs (full-size, 3 to 5 gal), Hibiscus syriacus, Deciduous Azaleas, Flowering Quince, Ligustrum Sunshine, Ilex glabra

$20.00 ea.:
Distylium Vintage Jade, Pieris Flamingo, Lilacs (dwarf, 2 gal), Deutzia Nikko Blush,  Vitex Blue Puffballs and Delta Blues, Weigela Wine and Roses

Individual trees-
Goldenchain, Decasinea, Franklinia, Parrotia (multistem only), Pink Heartbreaker,  Cornus alternifolia, Golden Rain, Eskimo Sunset Maple, Styrax japonica, Chilopsis, Thujopsis

30% off area
Cotinus Royal Purple, Campsis (5 gal), Wisterias, Buddleia, Crepe Myrtle (old inventory only), Itea illicifolia, Weigela Sonic Bloom, Hydrangea quercifolia Little Honey, Lonicera Little Lemon Zest, Fruit Trees

20% 0ff
Flowering Dogwoods