The Akebono Flowering Cherry

From Andrea Shonnard ~

If there is a tree that brings me the most joy it would be the Akebono flowering cherry.

Not many can resist the flowers in spring. Many visitors to the garden center in spring ask about the tree in our landscape. We are so fortunate to have one planted here at the garden center that blooms each year and brings so many people joy. As the petals start dropping and the leaves are preparing to emerge, it’s like a snow fall of flower petals. The double petal blossoms start a dark pink that fade to a soft pink. They are so beautiful that you just can’t resist them. What can I say, it’s a show stopper!

Growing up we always had a flowering cherry in our landscape. When we lived in the house at the garden center, in our backyard we had a weeping flowering cherry and this is what showed me my love for flowering trees. I remember playing under the tree, and there I would set up shop for hours of entertainment, digging in the dirt or playing with my toys.

I knew the first tree I would plant when I had my own property would be the Akebono flowering cherry. When the opportunity came, I wanted to share it with two special humans in my life: my niece and nephew. Now each year as the tree blooms we take our annual photo in front of it together. It’s not only fun to watch the tree grow, but the kids too. They both remember planting it, or at least humor me that they did. Planting trees makes memories for years to come, and inspires young gardeners. Plant a tree today!

Enjoy the photos of the kids and I over the years, they are so special to me. Also included is the picture of me in our old back yard at the garden center (top photo) with the weeping cherry. Can you figure out where this tree would be if it still existed today at the garden center?