Sun and Shade Areas

Do you have one of “those” areas?  Spots that are too hot and bright for most shade-loving plants, but without enough hours of direct sun for top foliage and flower color?  Try some of these solutions for those challenging sites:

Trees and Shrubs

Yellow, white or variegated foliage plants including conifers and green or variegated Japanese holly.

Sun-tolerant shade plants like kerria, yew, pieris, and oak-leaf hydrangea.

Shade-tolerant but Sun-loving shrubs like hebe, distylium, holly, viburnums, and boxwood.


Highly adaptable sun-or-shade loving daylily, lady’s mantle, and anemone.

Sun-tolerant shade plants such as coral bells, fuchsias, and bergenia; also most spring-flowering bulbs.

The sun-tolerant new guinea impatiens and coleus varieties; wax begonia; ageratum; dusty miller.