Peach Tree – Bare Root

$34.99 $31.99

Grow peaches for their juicy and sweet fruit enjoying them fresh, canned or frozen. Find out more information on growing peaches HERE.

By pre-ordering your fruit tree selections, you’ll receive $3 off of the already low bare root pricing.

STORE PICK-UP ONLY. NO SHIPPING. If you would like to ask about delivery accommodations, please call our store at 541-929-3524. Fruit trees typically arrive in late January. You will be notified by email about updates on arrival and when your trees are ready to be picked up.

Please list the cultivar(s) you’d like in the section below, and update the quantity of your order accordingly. Scroll down to see the available varieties for pre-order.


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Bare root pre-order ends November 30th.

The varieties listed below are what is available to order, though we select a range of great varieties to carry every year, we can’t carry everything. So if you commit to a variety now, we can and will add it to our existing order.

$34.99 Peach – Semi-Dwarf (St. Julian A):
Canadian Harmony
Q 1-8 (White Flesh)
Red Haven
Saturn (Donut Peach)