Fruit, Nut, and Ornamental Tree Spray Schedules

Regular seasonal spraying is very important for fruit production in Western Oregon. Timed sprays help to control fungal diseases, insects and some bacterial diseases.

In Fall, Winter, and Early Spring sprays should evenly coat all branches and the trunk. Late Spring and Summer sprays should be applied according to label instructions. Bloom stages are used to time spray applications:

  • Pre-Pink – buds are swelling but not showing any color
  • Pink – first show of color, but flowers are not open
  • Petal Fall – last flowers have fallen

Please note that these stages vary from year-to-year based on weather, so it is important to watch your trees during critical times.

Fruit Tree Spray Schedule
Spray Schedule for Nut Trees
Spray Schedule for Small Fruits
Product List for Spraying Fruit and Ornamental Trees

Fruit Tree Spraying – Class Recording

Watch our class recording to learn from Darren Morgan the proper techniques, timing, and products for fruit tree spraying. Proper care in the dormant season can alleviate disease and insect problems during the growing season.