Savoring Summertime

Right now is the time of year between the hard work of prepping the landscape in spring, beating the heat of summer and the back-to-school buzz to enjoy the unique space you’ve created for yourself.

Spend time soaking in the view of your new pond. Take pride in that tree you planted that will provide you with blooms and shade in the years to come. Revel in your new vegetable and berry garden, enjoying the fruits of your labor!

While admiring what your creative energy accomplished this last season, make some mental notes when looking at the newly planted specimens to ensure plant health:

How does it look?

Is it healthy and lively or is it stressed?

If it doesn’t appear well, what action may need to be taken to prevent further damage before it is too late?

If it seems happy, take the moment to enjoy it.

The important thing is, take advantage of the present to relax and be happy about what you’ve worked so hard to create, but be aware and vigilant to address any signs of problems in your landscape.

Your success is our #1 priority!