Quick Guide to Annual Geraniums

Aw, the beauty of growing Pelargonium species geraniums. This South African warm-season bloomer graces our Willamette Valley Oregon outdoor containers, hanging baskets and flower beds from spring through fall.

Not only are the blooms long-lasting, they’re also found in a myriad of bright hues from hot pink, orange-salmon, red and bi-color varieties.


Zonal Geranium – excellent container plant, easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant, large variety of flower colors.

Martha Washington (Regal) Geranium – perform best in cooler temperatures, bloom from late winter to mid-spring around Mother’s Day.

Ivy-Leaf Geranium – popular for hanging baskets and containers, leaves resemble ivy, flowers bloom from spring to first fall frost.

Scented Geranium – scented leaves make this a fun aromatic container plant companion, velvety texture, easy to grow, grow best when temperatures are 55 to 70 F.


Grow geraniums in well-draining soil as they don’t like soggy or compacted soil. Place plants in a location where they’ll receive at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight for optimum bloom performance. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage blooming.

Its important to feed these plants so they produce consistent blooms and grow healthfully. Fertilize every 2 weeks with a liquid feed and/or spread a granular fertilizer, like G&B Organics Bud & Bloom Fertilizer, around the base of the plant for slow-release, long-lasting feeding.


Use geraniums with a combination of other plants for a well-rounded look. Check out our Annuals and Perennials page for thriller, filler, and spiller ideas.

Geraniums, especially the scented variety, are known to repel some insects so consider planting complementary colors between roses or between vegetable plants. Geraniums are also great choices for hanging baskets due to their full and mounded growth habit.