Pre-Ordering Bare Root: What, Why, How

What is Bare Root?

A bare root plant has been dug up from growing in the ground, transported to our nursery, placed in a bin with a mulch mix to protect the roots, and sold as is. A bare root plant is in its dormant state, and has not been container grown.

Why Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering bare root means greater selection to choose from, certainty that you’ll get what you want, and no fuss when they arrive.

Not every variety on our availability lists will arrive in January. But if you pre-order, we can add it and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive what you want.

Buying and planting bare root means:

  • Great low pricing compared to container stock.
  • No heavy pot to lift – Easy handling.
  • Plants won’t be root bound.
  • Plants will not have experienced heat stress like many container plants are subject to.
  • The soil is soft to dig into during winter.
  • Planting in winter will give new plantings time to get well established before summer.
  • Need we say more…..

How to Place Your Pre-Order?

We are ready to take pre-orders so take a look at the availability lists, then come in-store, pre-order online, or give us a call at 541-929-3524 to pre-order for 2023 bare root.

New inventory of fruit, flowering, and shade trees, along with small fruits and perennial vegetables will arrive in winter, typically late January. Bare root pre-order ends November 30th.

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