Packaged Bees Available Now for Pre-Order

3 lb. packages of Italian or Carniolan bees are now available for pre-order!

Package Bee Prices:

3 lb. Italian:  $160

3 lb. Carniolan:  $160

We are proud to offer packaged bees made by our beekeeping specialist, Fred Selby. Fred is a second-generation beekeeper from Chico, California.

This year we are only offering 3 lb. packages due to a shortage of boxes for 4 lb. package size. Thank you for your understanding!

Packages include bulk worker bees and a young, mated, unmarked queen. The queen is caged, and the bees are fed sugar syrup from a canister inside the package.

What are the main differences between Italian and Carniolan bees?  Click here for more information about the two races. 

Packages will arrive approx. late April. The exact date is determined by weather and other delivery circumstances. We will send email updates as well as update our website with current information about dates and times for pickup as we know them. Please call if you have any questions or need to discuss pick-up day accommodations.

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Still have questions?  Call (541) 929-3524 or email