OSU Extension Resources on Starting a Vegetable Garden and More


Looking to start a vegetable garden this year? The Master Gardeners have created this list of helpful references to help guide you in starting your own vegetable garden. Check out these great resources!

  1. This first site is the best reference and is available in the OSU Extension publications catalog.  You can easily download it to your computer or print it off for free.  It is also available as a brochure that can be ordered for $2.00.


  1. Follow the link below to view a recorded lecture on Seed Starting in Your Home that was given at the Gearing Up for Gardening series of lectures that happened earlier this year.

Master Gardeners You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG01Tr4r-6DTtc4bbB7z8mw

  1. Got kids at home that need something to do? The link below gives several websites to explore if you want to get children involved in gardening.

Link to website for gardening with children: https://www.bentonmg.org/gardening-with-children

  1. Lastly, the OSU Extension  website offers a service to “Ask an Expert”.  Feel free go to this site and ask any kind of gardening question.  You can include photos of your problem plants and the question will be sent out to someone who will answer.  Sometimes a Master Gardener will answer, but faculty members and extension agents are also sent questions to answer.

Here is how you can get in touch: extension.oregonstate.edu/ask