Old Sol Apiaries Bees Sold Here!


We have partnered with Old Sol Apiaries since 2015.

As the only vendor in Oregon offering Old Sol nucleus hives north of Roseburg, we are happy to be a central location for beekeepers who are interested in keeping these special bees.

Old Sol Apiaries pride themselves on quality over quantity, and take extra time at every step of the way to assure ample, productive, well-vetted queens that will supply your apiary with excellent genetics and prosperous colonies.

Old Sol Apiaries offers two quality breeds of honey bees for beekeepers, available as nucleus hives.

Caucasian Hybrid

The Caucasian honeybee is a great way to increase diversity in your apiary and obtain very hearty genetics.

The Caucasian honey bee originates from the country of Georgia in the Caucasus mountain region. Caucasian honey bees are an Old World strain known for their gentleness and productivity. Apis mellifera caucasica is endowed with the longest tongue (7.1 mm avg.) of all known honey bee varieties. This trait, coupled with a propensity to fly earlier, later, and in cooler conditions results in a bee that is renowned for exceptional honey production.

Another interesting trait is their tendency to gather larger amounts of propolis than most bees. Propolis has medicinal qualities and helps the bees defend their hive from invaders and drafts. Propolis is an essential component of honeybee survival and valuable hive product. A well sealed sanitary hive and a very frugal winter cluster makes for an extremely hearty bee that can handle harsh winters and produce huge crops.

More information on Caucasian hybrid genetics>>

Survivor Stock

This stock has a very diverse background, including: Russians, Caucasians, VSH breeders, Minnesota Hygienics, and of course, a pinch of Carniolan, Italian, and feral genetics.

Old Sol’s Survivor Stock is a project that they have been working on for 22 years. These bees are suitable for both honey production and commercial pollination. The best breeders tend to be heavy pollen hoarders and build up very rapidly when stimulated. Aside from selecting for high productivity, Old Sol also spends a lot of time counting mites. Their best breeders come from top performing hives that consistently maintain low mite loads and that wintered well with a rapid buildup for pollination season.

When you purchase an Old Sol nucleus colony, you can expect:

A 2022 double-vetted, mated, marked queen
4 frames of bees and stores
1 gallon frame feeder with cap and ladder system to prevent drowning and burr comb
5 frame corrugated plastic box


Old Sol nucs will arrive on Saturday, June 4th.

The previous delivery date was set for Saturday, May 21st but due to inclement weather, the nucleus hives have been slow to build up. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Nuc purchases are for pick-up at our store in Corvallis ONLY.

We do not ship nucs.

Old Sol Nucleus Hives
Standard Survivor: $220
Caucasian Hybrid: $240