New Blueberry Varieties!

These new varieties are Southern highbush hybrids. With the fruit quality of Northern highbush, heat and mild winter tolerance of rabbiteye and early ripening time, these selections add great diversity to the Northwest blueberry patch!

Here are a few other reasons to invite these Southern sweets into your edible garden:

– They provide more tolerance to heat and drought conditions compared to Northern highbush varieties.
– Southern highbush plants are pollination-compatible with Northern Highbush varieties.
– Have a much lower chilling requirement than northern highbush plants.

Three new varieties of blueberries that just landed:

Star – Early to mid season, medium sized and with good color, is very sweet. Vigorous tall bush. Good coastal blueberry pick.

Nocturne – Midseason, medium sized berries are orange when young, ripen to a very dark black-blue. Unique sweet-tart flavor. 5-6ft. Great edible ornamental

Cabernet Splash – Early to mid season, Lots of medium sized and colored fruits with mild sweet flavor.  New growth purple, fades bronze, then intense red in fall.  Vigorous and tall bush. Great edible ornamental.

Interested in blueberries but limited on space?  Try these dwarf self-fertile varieties – perfect for border or container growing and no pollinator required (though they will also pollinate other types):

Bountiful Blue – mid-season production of large sweet berries on a compact 3-4 ft bush.  Great ornamental value as well, with the bluest foliage of any production fruit. Keeps some or all leaves on mild winters.

Perpetua – profuse small berries start in the early season and repeat in the late season, with smaller volumes in between, make this variety almost everbearing.  Nice compact and upright habit to 4-5 ft.