My First Houseplant

Let me tell you a little about my first houseplant, a Dracaena Marginata who now stands taller than me. Back when we were in the old building and I still made a wish list for Santa (I still try…) I asked him for this specific Dracaena that had just been delivered. This plant taught me responsibility to water, feed, and make sure it was getting the right light. It has moved many places after leaving my family’s home and survived college, a sun burn from being left out in the sun too long, a little frost bite when I left it out too long one fall, and those weeks when I just didn’t water.

This is one of my go-to plants for first time plant owners. It signals for water when dry, its leaves droop when thirsty, and turns a very light color almost transparent when not getting enough light.

Dracaenas enjoy a moderate bright light with no direct sunlight on the plant itself, I recommend rotating your plant from time to time as the top growth will find the main window and have a tendency to send new growth that direction. We recommend watering every 7-10 days; they don’t like to stay wet so it is best to make sure it is dry before you water again. Also a good fertilizer is important about once a month; always make sure to wet the plants roots with water before fertilizing to help from burning the plant with fertilizer.

Dracaenas come in many colors, leaf size; start large or small, you will love your dracaena too!!

~ Andrea Shonnard