Leaves Look Diseased? Here is Your Growing Season Solution

In the home orchard, dormant season disease prevention is ideal; but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

If you missed the weather windows to apply copper or sulfur dormant sprays (or had your diligent prevention washed off by unexpected rains), then you might find yourself in a situation of needing additional disease control during the later growing season. Even with good spraying, sometimes our prolonged wet weather through the spring and into the early summer lead to diseases such as mildew, scab, and leaf curl.

There are a number of fungicides available for later applications, but few effective organic controls.

The Solution: Monterey Complete Disease Control

A certified organic fungicide/bactericide suitable for use in vegetable gardens and orchards as well as on ornamentals.

Monterey Complete Disease Control can be used any time your fruits, berries, or ornamentals are not in flower, and re-applied every 7-10 days as needed until disease pressure subsides – even after fruits are set. While it is no substitute for a good dormant spray program, this product gives you a safe option for continued treatment of common vegetable, fruit, and berry diseases through the growing and fruiting season.