Missed a Class? Our Spring Class Recordings are on YouTube!

We try our best to offer learning opportunities that fit the lifestyles of our customers and the workflow of our staff. We apologize if you weren’t able to attend one of our classes, but know that they were recorded and are available to watch anytime on our Shonnard’s Nursery YouTube channel!

If you weren’t able to make a class, or attended a class but have forgotten some of the information, then here is a go-to list of the recordings! Each class is about an hour long, and possibly a little longer depending on questions asked at the end of the class.

Get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, a pen and notepad, and learn a few new pieces of information that you can put into action this growing season!

Soil – What It Is & How It Works

Enjoy this class recording to learn from James Cassidy, Soil Science instructor at Oregon State University. James shares about the unique and rich soils of Willamette Valley, Oregon, the importance of soil testing, cover crops, and how to interpret the results of soil tests, including so much more!

Dry Vegetable Gardening

Learn from Darren Morgan about the goals of dry vegetable gardening, techniques and what plants grow well in a non-irrigated system.

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Learn from Angelee Kirkland about how to plan, select, prepare, and plant a backyard vegetable garden. We’ll be discussing expected yields, layout, soil prep, planting, and care.

Companion Planting

Learn from Angelee Kirkland about the basics of what plants grow well together, and which ones should be grown apart.

Voles, Moles & Pests

Learn from Darren Morgan about the ways to deal with those pesky spring pests, including moles and voles. Find the solution that works with your lifestyle.

Growing Small Fruits

Learn from Angelee Kirkland about site and variety selection, pruning and feeding, and basic pest control to increase your yields of popular small fruiting plants.

All About Blueberries

Learn from Angelee Kirkland about the basics on blueberry planting and care to produce the best crop this summer and beyond. She’ll discuss the varieties that are available this year and when they’ll be ready for picking.