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Let’s recognize the elephant in the room here… no, lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo, but it sure looks like it! Lucky bamboo is a type of dracaena, a commonly known houseplant.

What makes this houseplant so great are the special meanings that have been bestowed upon it. Lucky bamboo has been given significance from Chinese tales, turning it into a symbol of good fortune. Striving for a Feng Shui feel in your home? Lucky bamboo is also said to attract positive energy.

Another neat tradition given to these stalks is the magic around how many stalks you display in a container. Here’s a little guide to this number system:
2 = Love or Double Luck
3 = 3 kinds of luck: happiness, long life, and wealth
4 = Bad luck…get one more 😉
5 = Balances areas of health: emotional, spiritual, mental, intuitive and physical
6 = Attract prosperity and wealth
7 = Promote good health
8 = Good for success, growth & fertility
9 = Bring great luck
10 = Bestow a complete and perfect life
21 = Foster wealth and enduring health
Lucky bamboo is a low-maintenance indoor plant that tolerates bright to low light. It can be grown in well-draining, consistently moist soil or water; grown in water in a clear container with a layer of pebbles at the bottom creates an attractive display and helps to stabilize the plants. The water should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.