Last Chance for 2019 Bare Root

Take advantage of low prices and sale prices while they last and get your fruit and rose plantings while they are still bare root – potting will begin next week.

One of the biggest challenges for new hazelnut growers is matching compatible varieties for pollination.  Hazelnuts are very picky about what pollen they will accept; to complicate matters more, they have a very long bloom season, but any individual variety does not bloom over the entire season – and male and female flowers often bloom at different times on the same plant.  This leads to situations where, for any given variety, one potential pollen source stops blooming halfway through the female flower cycle, and another only starts halfway through the female flower cycle – and only one of the two pollen sources can be pollinated by the original variety in question.  To correct for these challenges, we recommend planting more than two hazelnut varieties to ensure best production for all trees in question.

Some suggested groupings:

Jefferson and Eta with either Yamhill or York

Yamhill and York with either Sacajawea or Epsilon

Sacajawea with Jefferson and York