Shonnard’s Landscape construction division offers the homeowner full spectrum landscape design and installation services. We are licensed and bonded and take pride in our work.

We offer a free consultation when you are considering a landscape project if you are located within 10 miles of Shonnard’s Garden Center – consultations outside of this area will be billed $3.00/mile, one way.  Here’s what to generally expect from our process:

Prior to your appointment

We ask that you use our online form below to let us know a little more about your project.  This is a good exercise for you too, as it covers questions about specific elements you would like to incorporate like:  cost, scope of project, and project timing. You will receive a callback within 1-2 weeks of the form being submitted, to talk about scheduling a consultation. This is a good time to review the details of your project to make sure we are a good fit.  If we aren’t, we can give you a referral. We are currently booking initial consultations for Summer.

Considering your budget

It can be difficult to give a rough quote without looking at your property.  We have to consider your existing landscape, access to the area, whether we’re dealing with slopes, etc. After doing this for over 30 years, we’ve found we are a good fit for projects starting at $5,000 and above.  If you have a smaller project  – we have some great referrals.

During your appointment

Our designer will walk your property and listen to your ideas.  If you have photos or sketches, this is a great time to share this information.  You can also consider the functionality of your space.  For example, will it be used by kids or pets?  What maintenance will it require?  Does it require irrigation? In addition, site measurements and notes will be taken at the consultation, and budget will be discussed, so our designer can prepare a bid for the work.  

Following your appointment

After these details are gathered, the designer will be able to assess an expected budget for the project, and address this within a week of meeting. If all parties agree on the scope and budget, the designer will move forward with creating a formal proposal of the work, which will be received within 4-6 weeks from the date of consultation.

Do I need a design?

Our designer will help you determine if a landscape design is needed.  We are often able to do the work based on a concept plan and estimate.  We generally find a design is helpful when work will take place in phases, or if there is a fairly comprehensive plant list, and you would like to know how it will be laid out ahead of time. If a design is needed, the cost is $125/hr. This may also extend the turnaround time of the bid.

When can we start?

We are currently booking for Fall 2022.  We recommend scheduling your consultation at least 6 months prior to your preferred start date.

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