National Indoor Plant Week

National Indoor Plant Week (the 3rd week in September) is a great time to increase awareness of the importance of live plants in interior spaces. Here are just a few of the known benefits of growing indoor plants:

  • Cleaner Air = Decrease Stress
  • Noise Reduction = Enhance Productivity
  • Creates Oxygen
  • Removes Carbon dioxide
  • Connection with Nature

Why a back to school houseplant sale?

How about, why not?

But for real, here’s why – Classrooms and learning environments filled with plants have shown to:

  • Increase test scores by 10%
  • Improve children’s overall health by 7%
  • Reduce symptoms of ADD
  • Teachers report more positive feelings, greater satisfaction, and less misbehavior in classrooms with live plants

So whether you’re a student, teacher, or simply an indoor plant lover, take this opportunity to get a discount on plants that will improve your learning experience, performance, and life!

View the infographics created by the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH) and do your part to raise awareness about the positive benefits of plants in our everyday lives.

New to Houseplants?

We’ll be honest, even easy care houseplants need a little TLC.  Keep your houseplants happy and healthy with these tips for success!

Know how much light your plant needs to grow strong.

Possible indicators your plant is in the wrong lighting: stretching between leaves, leaning towards the window, loss of color in foliage, and soil staying wet for too long.

Keep an eye on how the plant and soil look and feel.

    • Feel the weight of your pot when wet and dry.
    • Place a finger in the soil about an inch and feel for dampness. If the plant likes to have consistently moist soil, maintain the dampness and give a light watering. If the plant likes to be on the dry side, wait to water until you don’t sense the dampness.
    • Look for plant shrug (appearing droopy when too dry); that is your sign the plant needs watered.

Fulfill the aesthetic goal for your space.

Choose a plant that will fit your space. There are all types of sizes, textures, and growing habits in the plant world. Ask yourself, what will fill this space nicely? Something…

    • Tall and Skinny
    • Short and Squatty, or
    • Trailing

Our Houseplant Favorites

  • Snake Plant: Great for any lighting and doesn’t require a lot of water.  It’s a perfect medium sized plant that stays as wide as the pot it’s in.
  • ZZ Plant: Very hardy with bright green foliage that does not require a lot of water and has moderate light requirements.  Great for a table or floor depending on size.
  • Dracaena: Fantastic floor plant; stays narrow and can get very tall with time. Only needs water about once a week.
  • Philodendrons: Moderate to low light plant – adding more light will add variegation to the leaves.  They are great in hanging pots or at the top of a high shelf.  This is an easy plant to share cuttings with friends!
  • Pothos: Another amazing hanging plant that is very similar to the Philodendron.  Moderate to low light and needs water weekly.
  • Spider Plants:  This hanging plant is one that keeps giving!  When your plant finds that perfect spot of moderate to bright light you will see stems shoot off the main plant, the shoots will bloom, then will be followed with a little spider plant.

Check out more houseplant categories on our House Plants page, HERE.

Watch our Houseplant Series on YouTube

Within this playlist are many tips on how to care for indoor plants. From short videos to our houseplant class recording, here is a great resource to reference if it seems like your plant may not look quite right.