National Indoor Plant Week is Here!

Houseplants provide many benefits, including stress relief and improved air quality.  National Indoor Plant Week (September 16-20) is a great time to see how much they can do for you.

If you’re new to houseplants, you might want to try some of these adaptable and easy-care varieties:

Dracaena species:  Upright plants with long grassy leaves topping cane-like stems.  Many varieties, some eventually becoming small trees.  Includes Dragon Tree, Janet Craig, Song of India, and other types.

Fiddle Leaf Fig:  Upright plant with very large bold leaves.  May grow to become a small tree over time.

Snake Plant:  Moderate sized upright plants with thick strappy leaves are pale green with darker horizontal bands. Some varieties may have yellow edges; others are cylindrical rather than flat blades.

ZZ Plant: Medium sized plants with an upright vase shape.  Dark glossy leaves on green succulent stems, with a dense and attractive appearance.

Spider Plant:  Quick growing hanging plant.  Grassy clump of leaves send trailing runners that sport miniature plantlets.  May be all green or may have white or cream stripes.

Pothos:  Larger hanging plant.  Heart-shaped leaves can be all green, or variously marked in white, cream or yellow.

Check out more houseplant categories on our House Plants page, HERE.