In-Store Consultations



Are you in need of some in-depth advice about your hive but don’t need an in-hive consultation visit?  We offer both one-on-one consultations and phone consultations with our beekeeping specialist to help answer any questions or solve any problems you are having with your bees.

Topics could include:
Apiary placement, detailed assembly instruction, seasonal management, mite sampling techniques, correct medication administration, making nucs and splits, or whatever issue needs attention with your bees!

IN-STORE CONSULTATION:  Book an appointment with our beekeeping specialist to go over anything you would like to discuss about your bees.  Better yet, bring in some of your problem frames for analysis!  $45 / one hour session.

TELEPHONE CONSULTATION:  Have some questions for our beekeeping specialist that are beyond the scope of a quick call-in?  Book a telephone consultation to have all of your questions answered.  $25 / half hour session.

Call 541-929-3524 or email to book an appointment.