Houseplant Repotting Days – Happening Again!

Friday, March 25th to Sunday, March 27th

11am to 3pm

Are your houseplants looking less than their best?  Does your houseplant need a bigger pot or just have the blues?  

We are here to meet your specialty repotting needs, answer your questions, and diagnose houseplant problems.  

This is a fantastic opportunity to give your houseplants the best soil as we will repot your plant(s) using Gardner & Bloome Eden Valley Blend Potting Soil with BIOCHARmax, or G&B Palm, Cactus, & Citrus Potting Mix. This premium  Eden Valley Blend improves moisture retention, nutrient retention, and is great for stimulating root growth.

For pots 12″ and smaller, at no charge, we’ll repot your houseplant(s) in a container(s) you bring from home or one you purchase in-store.  We have an excellent selection of containers from glazed pottery to terra cotta.

Feeding Your Indoor Plants

Houseplant care doesn’t stop at your choice of potting soil. Each time we water our plants the nutrients in the soil get washed out, so it is important to also fertilize our plants routinely.

Caring for our plants so that they can provide all their amazing benefits can be simple. The top consideration is fertilization; here are a few products that we carry to help your plants perform at their best:

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Houseplant Series

Picking Your Pot

Picking Your Soil

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