Houseplant Appreciation Day – Ways to Celebrate & Our Favorite Plants!

January 10th is National Houseplant Appreciation Day

How does one even describe the immeasurable appreciation for their houseplants? New leaves bring joy. Blooms spread happiness. The accomplishment of keeping the plant alive for years develops a sense of pride and confidence in one self.

This year we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and health benefits (mental & physical) that indoor plants provide. If you want to make it extra special, then here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrate by adding a new plant to your collection.
  • Throw a plant-swap party with friends.
  • Take a selfie with your plants and post it on Facebook or Instagram & tag us @shonnardsnursery to share in the love!
  • Or simply make the occasion a good reason to wipe the dust off the leaves of your plants.

Our Favorite Plants

What we like to do for houseplant appreciation day is share our favorite plants that are durable, easy to grow, and plants that tolerate low light settings. Maybe one of these plants is your favorite too!

Known for resiliency, these plants can handle being forgotten for a week or two without watering.

ZZ Plant is great for areas of the house that receive medium light and like to have dry feet.

Pothos do well in low light and medium light areas and are fast growers.

Philodendron plants appreciate medium lighted areas, they like moderate moist feet and love to be fertilized.

Snake Plants tolerate dry soil making them an excellent choice for a new indoor plant parent who may often forget to water.

Blooming plants are cheerful and rewarding to grow.

Kalanchoe appreciates dry soil and bright light. Fertilize during flowering stage to encourage healthy blooms.

Anthurium blooms are unique and long-lasting. This plant loves bright light, moderately moist soil, and has low fertilizer needs. Also a great Valentine’s Day gift for it’s heart-shaped flowers.

African Violet appreciates being watered with lukewarm water when the soil feels just slightly moist to the touch. Place the plant where it’ll receive bright to medium light all day long.

Hoyas feature showy fragrant star-shaped flowers. This succulent tropical vine can tolerate some neglect, making it a great easy care blooming indoor plant for a beginner.

Where light is less abundant choose these plants.

Dracaena is found in many different colors. An adaptable houseplant requiring filtered light to semi-shade and only needing watered when top soil is dry to touch.

Sansevieria, our beloved Snake Plant, can grow strikingly in both bright and low light conditions, though indirect light is ideal. Allow the soil to dry between watering.

ZZ plant is an incredibly tolerant plant, as referenced above for being durable; they can also thrive without natural light. So if you work in an office with fluorescent lights, this plant is the one to green up your work space!

Peace Lily is a graceful flowering houseplant that can also grow in fluorescent light conditions, preferring light partial shade. Yellowing leaves can be an indication of too strong of light.

Low light houseplants

Watch our Houseplant Series on YouTube

Within this playlist are many tips on how to care for indoor plants. From short videos to our Houseplant Care class recording, here is a great resource to reference if it seems like your plant may not look quite right.

We are here to meet your specialty repotting needs, answer your questions, and diagnose houseplant problems.

For pots 12″ and smaller, at no charge, we’ll repot your houseplant(s) in a container(s) you bring from home, or one you purchase in-store, using the G&B Organics EVB Potting Soil with BiocharMAX.