Hot Weather Advice

With temperatures soaring for the next few days, remember to take care of yourself and your plants.

1) Keep cool: Don’t over exert – limit your activity to essential tasks, and then do them in the cooler morning or evening hours. Keep the roots of your plants cool with a 1″ to 2″ layer of compost or bark mulch, and avoid working among them or disturbing their roots until cooler weather returns.

2) Find shade: Plan your routes and activities to take advantage of changing shade patterns through the day, and move inside for the hottest hours. Plants can’t move to find the shade, so bring it to the most sensitive plants with shade cloth.

3) Stay hydrated: Take in plenty of fluids throughout the day. Water your plants in the morning when they can make the best use of it, and again in the evening if needed. Avoid watering during the hot parts of the day – it’s hard on you and on the plants.