National Indoor Plant Week 9/17 – 9/20

We are recognizing the National Indoor Plant week by sharing our love of houseplants and some tips on how to keep them looking fabulous. As most know, growing plants inside can clean the air by removing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen which leads to decreasing stress (making plants a benefit in the work space). Last but surely not least, growing plants can create and foster a connection with nature, positively contributing to our overall well-being.

Caring for our plants so that they provide all these amazing benefits can be simple. The first consideration is fertilization; here are a few products that we carry to help your plants perform at their best:

  • HB 101 – a root revitalizer and mild fertilizer
  • DYNA Grow & Bloom – a liquid fertilizer that is perfect for blooming plants such as African violets, peace lily, and spathiphyllum
  • Bonide – offering African violet, cacti and succulent, orchid and general plant food. Check out more of their products here.

Offer items for houseplants to keep them looking at their best:

  • Bonide Leaf Shine – keep your plants sparkling to filter the best air. Spray on a rag and wipe down the leaves on your plant.
  • Cinch Plant Hangers – hang almost any pot in this great contraption
  • Bruning Pottery, made in Washington – come check out our unique and colorful selection of glazed pottery attached with saucers
  • We have a fun selection of bonsai, orchid, self-watering, attached saucers pottery in great colors and all sizes

Have questions about these tips and products or houseplant availability, feel free to call us at 541-929-3524.