Get Creative with Gift Giving

Get creative with your gift giving this year and be delighted by your loved ones excitement to enjoy their gardening endeavors!

Cut Flower Lover

Starting flowers from seed is a rewarding experience. Give your cut-flower lover everything they need to be successful in growing their own flowers for those summer arrangements with seeding starting trays, seedling mix, and a nice pair of handy pruners for when it is time to cut!

Bird Watcher

Support your friends fun bird watching hobby and gift a unique birdfeeder and the food to fill it. You’re not only giving your friend hours of enjoyment, you’re also providing nutrition to the birds who will enjoy it too!

The Gardener

Ensure that your special gardener has everything they need to be successful with their new year gardening projects! Gloves, durable garden shoes, pruners, and all the essential gardening tools make their tasks that much more fulfilling.

Beekeeper Buddy

Keeping bees requires the right equipment and continuous learning. From tending the hives to harvesting honey, we have the supplies they need, as well as helpful books to deepen their knowledge of this productive hobby.