Strawberries make an excellent groundcover, row crop, or hanging basket plant. They perform best in raised beds with lots of organic material. Strawberries should be planted about a foot apart and planted to a depth that the crown is exposed;NEVER bury the crown. Avoid curling roots in the planting hole. Trim off the lower inch of roots to encourage root system developed.


When spring growth starts to push through in spring use a balanced all-purpose fertilizer according to package instructions.


Runners can be removed or placed into a bed to root there. Remove crowns that are 3 years or older. Remove dead foliage at the end of the year to prevent diseases.

Pests and Diseases

Strawberries are prone to viral and fungal infections. Viruses are usually transferred via aphids so be sure to keep aphids in check. Fungal problems can generally be avoided with good drainage and proper spacing. In addition removing old dead leaves from the area is another way to prevent fungal diseases.

Download a complete information sheet on strawberries including strawberry varieties.

Spring Crop

Benton – Medium to large berries have an excellent quality and store well. Disease resistant and cold hardy. A good berry for all uses.

Hood – Large round dark red berries are produced over a short time. They are the best for desserts. It is also great for jams and jellies.


Cabrillo – Everbearing. Large fruit size and firmness is comparable to Albion. Great yields and outstanding flavor. Good disease resistance.

Eversweet – Very productive in all conditions. Berries are large and sweet. Great production early in the season. Produces through fall and is day neutral.

Hecker – Medium berries are produced heavily all summer long. Berries are full and sweet and of an excellent quality. Day neutral.

Seascape – Medium berries are firm and well-flavored. Great for difficult sites. Relatively disease resistant, and easy to grow. Day neutral.

Tribute – Medium to large bright red berries are firm with a pleasant flavor. Best for fresh eating but also good for jams and preserves. Resistant to mildew, leaf blight, and scorch. Day neutral.

Tristar – Medium to small deep red berries are firm, sweet and delicious. Bears all summer but early summer and fall berries are best. Excellent fresh or for freezing. The best variety for hanging baskets or strawberry pots. Day neutral.

Potted Varieties

These varieties are only available in 4-inch pots in spring. All are everbearing varieties.

Berri-Basket – A compact bushy everbearing variety that produces large deep red berries. An excellent variety for baskets.

Pretty-in-Pink – Large pink flowers yield mid-sized sweet deep red berries. Excellent for baskets.

Quinalt – High-yielding variety that has large firm berries that are deep red. Good for fresh eating and preserves.

Download a complete information sheet on strawberries including strawberry varieties