Planting Instructions

Grapes are large spreading vines that require good support. Allow 8 feet between plants. Grapes like well-drained soil and they need full sun. Grapes need sun and heat so, if possible a south-side slope is an excellent location for them.


Feed with a balanced fertilizer when the new growth appears in spring. An All-Purpose fertilizer works well.


Prune grapes in late winter or early spring. On young grapes, encourage an upright trunk. Prune lateral branches in following years. For the best production prune-back hard every year. Remove all two-year old branches and thin down first year branches to a few vigorous vines. Tip back remaining vines to a stub with three or four growing buds.

Pest and Disease Control: Grapes are subject to Bunch Rot (Botrytis) and Mildew. These diseases are best prevented through proper pruning and water to minimize conditions that favor fungal diseases. If additional control is needed a Dormant Spray of Copper is an effective solution. Scale insects and Mealy-bugs are occasional pests that are easily controlled using dormant season Spray Oil. Pests including twig Borers, Leafhoppers, and Grasshoppers are best controlled with Sevin.

Download a complete information sheet on grapes, including grape varieties.

Concord – Concord is the classic juicing grape. Concord has seeds and thick skins. Large blue-black grapes are known for their great grape flavor. Concord has large vigorous vines and is a good producer.

Glenora – An excellent variety for the Northwest. Large blue-purple seedless grapes are firm and juicy. Grapes have a nice mild sweet flavor. A vigorous and productive variety that bares in mid-September.

Himrod – Very early producer. Medium to large yellow-green seedless grapes have rich sweet flavor. Himrod is one of the earliest table grapes. Very good yields. Produces in August.

Interlaken -Well known and popular variety. Medium yellow seedless grapes that are excellent for fresh eating and drying. Grapes are crisp with great sweet/tart flavor. Fairly disease resistant. Produces late August.

Suffolk Red – Top quality table grape. Medium to large dark red seedless grapes need full sun to develop. Grapes are firm with rich sweet flavor. Few disease problems. Produces in September.

Download a complete information sheet on grapes, including grape varieties.