Bare Root Selections


Thinking about an orchard?  Planning to plant a berry patch?

Winter is a great time to plant fruiting plants as the new plantings will get well established before summer.

Bare root pre-order ends November 30th. Lists of fruit trees, small fruits and flowering trees that we can order are available in the links below or in store.

All bare root selections are expected to be in stock by the end of January. Please call us at 541-929-3524 if you have any further inquiry into arrival dates and availability.

2023 Bare Root Fruit Trees Availability List >>

2023 Bare Root Small Fruit & Vegetables Availability List >>

2023 Bare Root Ornamental Trees Availability List >>

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What are bare-root roses?

Bare-root roses are rose plants that are in their dormant state and are widely available for purchase during the winter months (January to March). Purchasing a bare-root rose is cheaper and easier to handle. Another benefit to planting a bare-root rose is they will get established in the garden quicker and will flower in their first year.

Another advantage to buying bare-root is the great selection to choose from!

2023 Bare root stock lands in January.

2023 Bare Root Rose Availability List >>

Call Shonnard’s Nursery at 541-929-3524, order online, or visit the store to place your bare root rose pre-order.