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Wishing you could grow plants in a fun, easy and space-saving way?

Looking to add unique and modern appeal to an indoor setting?

Want to give a creative and long-lasting gift to your special person?

Terrariums are the answer!

Terrariums create an enclosed environment to grow certain plants that love high humidity, acting somewhat like a little greenhouse. The plants and soil in the terrarium release water vapor; as the vapor collects and trickles down the wall into the soil the water is essentially recycled.

How to Make Your Terrarium?

1. Find your unique terrarium container.
2. Fill the bottom of container with half the amount of soil you plan to use.
3. Add any large rocks or pebbles you’d like to see in your creation.
4. In the soil, make a hole for the roots of the plants to rest.
5. Lightly massage the roots of your plants before positioning the plants in the thin layer of soil.
6. Add second layer of soil around the plants. Press somewhat firmly, trying to have the new soil level at about the same level as the soil of the plants original root ball.
7. Have fun, be creative and mix up plants, textures, colors and size!

What to Grow in Your Terrarium?

Low Light Plants:
Nerve Plant
Baby’s Tears
Club Moss

Indirect Bright Light Plants:
Strawberry Begonias
African Violets