Garden Reward Member Special 11/12-11/14

Tuesday through Thursday
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Bring vibrant color into your home this season – the Zygocactus, commonly known as the Christmas cactus, is a very low maintenance houseplant. The Christmas cactus appreciates bright light during the day and darkness at night. Place this cactus in the coolest part of the house, away from a heater, preferably next to a draft window or door for best blooms. Water your cactus when top of soil is dry as these seasonal charms require little water.

Once blooming, your cactus can re-bloom up to three times. Generally the bloom cycle starts around Thanksgiving, a second around Christmas and a possible third bloom around Easter. Christmas cactus bloom in an array of colors, the most common being red, fuchsia, orange, pink, and white. Rare colors you come across can be peach or yellow, so check in weekly to see what we have available!

Fun facts about Christmas cactus:

Release oxygen at night

Non-toxic to cats and dogs

Need the lights off at night for up to 14 hours. When the sun goes down the lights should be off in the room your cactus is in. Keeping the lights on can cause your cactus to not bloom.

Water every 7 – 10 days, only when dry. Over watering is the most common source of plant demise.

Native to Brazil

Grows well in cooler places of the house near drafty rooms, windows, and doors.