Fruit Tree Pruning and Spraying

Start planning now! Mid- to late winter is the ideal time to prune and spray your fruit trees – and taking care of these chores now does more to promote tree health and productivity than any kind or amount of work during the active (and busy) growing season. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your dreams of bowls filled with fresh cherries, hot apple pie, and similar fruit fantasies come true.

Pruning gives you a hands on view of the tree’s status; you can solve problems caused by dead, diseased, or poorly placed branches and get a feel for other pest and disease issues that might crop up.

Dormant season spraying can prevent or reduce the severity of a host of fungal and  bacterial diseases that can infest trees and fruit, and control populations of some insect pests as well.  Spraying at other times during the growing season my still be needed, but the preventative sprays, done right after pruning, can go a long way to making your summer and fall successful and fulfilling.

Both spraying and pruning are large topics.  For more information, read through our fruit tree spraying handouts on our website and consider attending our upcoming classes.

Fruit Tree Pruning – Zoom Class
Sunday, January 30th @ 11 am
Presenter: Darren Morgan
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We’ll cover a number of horticultural pruning techniques that control growth, remove dead or diseased wood, and stimulate the formation of flowers.

Fruit Tree Spraying – Zoom Class
Sunday, February 6th @ 11 am
Presenter: Darren Morgan
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Learn the proper techniques, timing, and products for fruit tree spraying. Proper care in the dormant season can alleviate disease and insect problems during the growing season.