Everyone is a Beekeeper

We have some of our favorite plants for pollinators on display to show you the best seasonal sources for nectar and pollen. Here are some tips for success in planting for honey bees and other pollinators:

Choose heirloom varieties – a simple flower design allows easy access to quality nectar and pollen.

Cut back your plants for repeat bloom throughout the season.

Let herbs and vegetables bolt – valuable nectar and pollen are found in the flowers.

Plant in drifts – honey bees exhibit flower constancy and like to forage among a single type of flower.

Provide blooms throughout the season for a constant supply of high quality bee forage.

Strive for organic, pesticide free gardening practices – never spray pesticides when bees are foraging.

Check out our Plants for Bees page and access the downloadable PDF listing seasonal plants for pollinators.