Drip Irrigation 101
Presenter: Darren Morgan
Date: Wednesday June 13th @ 11 am
Save 70% more water by installing drip irrigation. Let us help you simplify this process so you can enjoy spending time in your garden. This class will explain when drip is appropriate and how to easily install it yourself. Making some simple changes can save money on water bills and keep your plants healthier. Visit our full service irrigation department and learn how to do it yourself!
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Hive Management Post Honey
Presenter: Fred Selby
Date: Sunday July 15th @ 11 am
Cost: $10
The end of honey season is a sensitive time for your bees. With proper management they will be strong and healthy as they journey into winter! Come learn how to best manage your hive post honey harvest.
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Extending Your Summer Garden
Presenter: Darren Morgan
Date: Sunday July 22nd @ 11am
The veggie class will cover selection, planting, and growing of vegetable
crops for fall, winter, and spring (overwintering) harvests. Darren will also
address other seasonal vegetable gardening needs, such as late summer and
overwinter cover crops for soil improvement and weed prevention.
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