Enliven Your Soil with SeaCoast Compost

We were delighted to have David and Brian from SeaCoast Compost here for our open house in April. We learned so much, were incredibly inspired, and all walked away wanting these thoughtful compositions in our gardens to feed our soil and plants in all the best of ways.

A Complete Biodynamic® Soil Treatment Crafted from the Finest of the Sea and Land

SeaCoast Compost began as a dream to transform the waste from the Oregon Coast’s three iconic industries: fishing, dairy and timber into a product that not only enlivens the soils, but offers all life that depends upon these soils, health giving forces.

On their land in Charleston, Oregon, the SeaCoast crew gathers the finest, richest raw materials available and compost them as a whole, in a process of slow aging, that results in a product that is quite possibly the best food for your soil and plants.

What’s in SeaCoast Compost?

  • Ocean-going fish species – promotes vigorous root growth; contains important trace minerals
  • Dungeness Crab – enhances beneficial soil microorganism populations
  • Bay Shrimp – Stimulates vigorous shoot development
  • Cow Manure – Has excellent humus building properties
  • Red Alder and other Oregon hardwoods – Encourages presence of fungal mycelium; lacks any of the tannins present in conifers; is well balanced and provides the necessary structure for aerobic decomposition.

What is Biodynamics®?

Biodynamics® was created in the 1920’s by the Austrian scientist and highly trained seer, Rudolf Steiner, as a means of countering the deadening forces of industrial agriculture and its complete dependence on chemical inputs for continued plant growth.

Through viewing each farm as a unique, individual organism, Steiner saw the necessity of recognizing a wider range of factors when working with living things. With the laws of the life world in view, he created potentized herbal preparations that are placed in the compost piles. These preparations begin to heal dead, unhealthy soils by increasing their receptivity to their environment, both earthly and cosmic, sustaining more vital plants and animals.

SeaCoast Compost contains these preps and in addition to its unique and diverse organic components sourced from the sea, is a complete soil amendment, fully replacing the need for fertilizers.

Biodynamic® Compost Preps

  • Yarrow – Helps compost enliven the soil so that plants can absorb and retain extremely fine doses of trace elements
  • Chamomile – Stabilizes nitrogen content and stimulates healthy plant growth
  • Stinging Nettle – Works with potassium, calcium and iron, individualizing compost components
  • Oak Bark – Helps plants combat harmful diseases
  • Dandelion – Works with silicic acid helping plants become sensitive to their environment
  • Valerian – Helps plants utilize phosphates

SeaCoast Compost at Shonnard’s Nursery

SeaCoast Compost – 1 cu. ft. bag

SeaCoast Compost is redefining compost with its high–grade recipe of diverse, wild–caught seafood by-products (fish, crab, and shrimp), organic cow manure, pristine red alder, and the enlivening biodynamic preparations.

Each raw material is carefully selected for its unique nutritive and revitalizing qualities. Slow–aged for 2 years, SeaCoast Compost is a rich, one–of–a–kind, treatment that helps your soil bear more vigorous and healthy plants.

SeaCoast Enlivened Potting Soil – 1.25 cu. ft. bag

SeaCoast Enlivened Potting Soil is the perfect all–purpose growing medium for seed starting, transplanting, and container gardening. The biologically–active and enlivened potting soil encourages robust root growth and is a veritable feast for your plants.

The high–quality blend of custom ingredients includes their very own SeaCoast Compost, Coconut coir, Perlite, Langbeinite, Kelp Meal, and Biochar.