Design & Consultation Services


Shonnard’s offers a range of design services to meet an array of needs for any homeowner. Our services encompass everything from consultation and design, for DIYers, to formal plans by our in-house designers, that will act as a guide for a contractor to install. If you are interested in having Shonnard’s take over building your dream landscape, find more information on our Construction page HERE.

Creating a landscape you can live in is a fun, creative process. Choose Shonnard’s Nursery, Florist & Landscape to help you find the right plants for you and your home landscape. You can count on our friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you find your personal vision.

Will be offering again in August

20 Minute Consult – FREE

Prepared to do the work but need inspiration? Consider a 20-minute FREE landscape consultation at Shonnard’s Nursery, Florist and Landscape.

Bring pictures and measurements of your landscape project (within approx. 300 sq. ft.) and our on-site garden designer will meet with you during a pre-scheduled time slot, here at our Garden Center. The consultation will include a walk around the store to share plant suggestions, and to advise you on how to successfully plant and maintain your selections. This service does not include a design sketch.

Fill out our 20-minute free consultation request form and you will be contacted in August.

Will be offering again in August

Garden Coach Service – Cost: $85

Whether you want tips on plant placement, need advice on changing your landscape for easier maintenance, want help knowing what to keep and remove, or want to avoid the costly mistake of planting the wrong plants in the wrong places, our professionals are here to help.

The Garden Coach is designed for the average homeowner and does not include

Pest management, yard work, arborist advice, commercial properties, hardscape or garden design, lawn maintenance, irrigation repair, or pond service.

Shonnard’s has alternative services for these requests, or recommendations for reputable companies that provide them. 

Upon purchase, a designer will contact you within 1 week. Consults are being scheduled 2-3 weeks out.

Will be offering again in August

We Plan You Plant Program – Cost: $249

Do you have a small entry or narrow fence-line bed that needs new life breathed into it? Consider our We Plan You Plant program.

This packaged deal focuses on one visual area (up to 300 sq.ft.). For $249.00, you’ll submit an online form and send some pictures if you have them.  Our designer will visit your property and meet with you about your preferences.  This is also a great chance to ask questions about existing plants and soil conditions!  The designer will come up with a full design for the space and a list of plant recommendations.

A follow-up consultation at Shonnard’s will give you one-on-one time with your designer, to review the drawing, and get a tour of some of the plant recommendations from the nursery.

(This price is valid for residential customers within 10 miles of Shonnard’s. For customers outside of this radius, please add $3.00/mile, one way.)

Upon purchase, a designer will contact you within 1-2 weeks. Design turnaround time is about 3 weeks from meeting.

Landscape Design Package – Cost: $599

We provide full design services from our experienced landscape designer. Whether you are looking for a plan to tie your ideas together, or need to start from scratch, we can help. This plan can be a guide for you, or your contractor. For more information on Shonnard’s installation services, please check out our Construction page HERE.

The at-home landscape design service is $599 and includes four hours (1 hour on-site visit, plus 3 hours design time) of our local, expert landscape designer’s time. The designer’s time includes an initial at-home visit to your address and off-site design time.   If more than four hours are needed, our landscape designer will let you know and extra hours can be purchased at the rate of $95 per hour.

We service the Corvallis area (10 mi. radius of Shonnard’s Garden Center) – Call for travel fees outside of this area.

Upon purchase, a designer will contact you in 2-3 weeks, 8 weeks for the design after meeting. This timeframe may be longer, depending on the complexity of the design, and if revisions are required.