Continuing the Garden…

Advice from Darren Morgan –

Plan for the lull of late June and early July in the veggie growing season.  The early harvests of overwintered crops are past, the traditional cool season crops of peas and cauliflower are in their last run before the real heat begins.  Most hot season crops just aren’t quite there yet, well established and growing but not yet into the swing of production.

While you are out in the garden, tucking the tomato arms back into the cages and waiting to harvest the garlic from your fall plantings, keep an eye open for spaces that are still available, or are freeing up as early crops harvest out, for planting the next stage of your production season – crops for fall, winter, and overwinter harvest.

Here are some top picks for late season and year-round gardening:

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts : Seed June to July or transplant July to September for harvest September to April (depending on variety)

Parsnips, Turnips, & Rutabagas : Seed July for harvest October to January

Spinach, Chard, Collards, Kale : Seed July for harvest September to Winter (Collards, Chard, and Kale will continue all the way to spring)

Peas : Seed July for October harvest, or September for March to April harvest
Onions : Seed in July or transplant in September for harvest next summer

Carrots : Seed regular varieties June to July for harvest September to October, or seed overwintering varieties September for harvest March to April