The Best Soil Blends for Container Gardening

Courtesy of Glenridge Gardens production, this wonderfully informative video discusses container gardening which includes: the different types of containers you can use, the advantages, the best potting soils for container gardening and also gives tips on how to care for your container plantings over time.

Click on the link to watch video:

Products recommended and used in the video that we carry are:

G&B Organics Potting Soil – Ideal for indoor or outdoor potting, container planting, or raised beds. Follow the link HERE to learn more.

G&B Organics Blue Ribbon Blend – This premium indoor and outdoor potting mix is ready-to-use, with no mixing required. Follow the link HERE to learn more about this amazing product.

G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Potting Soil with BiocharMax™ is made from a proprietary blended formula with BiocharMax™, a soft-wood biochar that provides soil, plant and environmental benefits. Follow the link HERE to learn more.

G&B Organics Acid Planting Mix is ready-to-use right out of the bag, or can be mixed with native soil. Made especially for acid-loving, shade-dwelling plants. Click HERE to learn more.

G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus can be used for in-ground planting mixed with native soil or right out of the bag for container planting for all types of palms, cactus, succulents, plumerias and citrus plants. Click HERE to learn more.

We are stocked up with these excellent products year-round!

Limited on Space?

Don’t let your small space stop you from living your outdoor garden dreams! Watch the recording of our Grow a Container Garden class to learn how to maximize the use of your outdoor space while maintaining plant health with container gardening.