Celebrating Darren’s 30 Years at Shonnard’s!

Darren Morgan started with us 30 years ago this summer.  He took a summer job with our landscape division, and we never let him leave!  In all seriousness, we are so tremendously grateful for the 30 years he’s spent making sure we have the best trees and shrubs in town.  Although this is technically his job, he does so much more.

He’s the first to volunteer to teach a class, answer a  question, or help a new employee. As Shonnard’s invited beekeeping into the business, Darren also embraced learning about hive management and swarm catching. Experiencing several severe reactions to bee stings on his eyelid, cheek, arm and hand, Darren continues to forge ahead having caught at least 3 live swarms here at the garden center – an inspiration to us all!

We know he’s a great resource for the community too, he has a desk full of plant samples waiting for identification and is constantly hopping from one call to the next answering gardening questions.  According to our quick estimate, if he’s answered 10 questions a day for 30 years, that’s 78,000 questions!

A few memorable notes from Chris Shonnard:
“Darren and his friend Jay from Dayton got hired onto the Landscape crew 30 years ago. Will never forget the black leather trench coat Darren was wearing when came into ask for work at the garden center instead of landscape. Darren taking home the Western Garden Guide and memorizing it; his eidetic memory. Darren’s polite nod or bow that has never changed. His ancient brown Honda bagging every day. His wedding. His parents. His family.”

Here’s to another 30 years, Darren!

In celebratory spirit, we’re offering a special coupon of 30% off your favorite shrub or tree.

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Wander through the shrub and tree yard to find the best plant pick that will offer color, texture or form while accommodating your project needs and wants. Whether it be drought tolerant, pollinator friendly, or deer resistant, we’re here to help you pick the right plant for your space!

We have a great selection of blooming shrubs, hedge plants, shade trees and conifers. A couple of our favorite summer bloomers in show right now are Rose of Sharon (bottom left photo) and Crape Myrtle (bottom right photo), though there are many more that will catch your eye during your visit!