Celebrate National Flower Day – March 21st

Flowers do much more than just grow in the ground & look pretty. Plants have a way to help us relax and reduce our stress, inspire us to be creative, and encourage us to get outside and play in the dirt! Flowers are associated with romance, medicine, rituals and religion, as well as being a food source for people and pollinators alike.

This National Flower Day, celebrate with adding flowers into your life. Here are some fun ideas for appreciating the beauty and benefits of flowers:

Plant a Container

Plant flowers in a container to enjoy by your front entrance, out your window, beside your deck or outdoor living space. Mid-March is a great time to plant flowers. Your flowers will grow beautifully through spring and into summer.

Plant for Pollinators

Our food selection would be much different without our important and hard working pollinators to help plants produce their delicious fruits and vegetables. Plant a pollinator-friendly plant that will provide a great source of nectar and pollen for our local pollinators.

Accessorize with Flowers

Add a flower to your headband, wear floral patterned leggings, pin a flower to your shirt pocket, or behind your ear. Flowers make a super cute fashion statement!

Add Flowers to Your Living Space

Bring flowers into your home or work space and they will instantly brighten up the room. Flowers are vibrant and colorful making for a great accent in a living space. Add an African violet to your window sill, a kalanchoe on your desk, or an orchid inside your front entryway.

Send Flowers to Your Special Someone

Order a bright and cheery floral arrangement to have it delivered to your special person, making them feel appreciated on this national holiday. There’s no better way to welcome spring than having fresh flowers to brighten your day and get you excited for all the beautiful colors of the season to come!