Carnivorous Plant Workshop – March 25th

Did you know that you can grow Carnivorous Plants year-round in Oregon? The secret to growing these bug eating plants will be revealed in this hands-on workshop. Each participant will take home two mature flowering pitcher plants as well as the knowledge about how to cultivate them. Visitors to your garden will marvel at these extraordinarily rare plants. This is a hands-on workshop, so be prepared to get your hands dirty and wear appropriate clothes.

Instructor information: Matt Blakeley-Smith has been growing carnivorous plants in Corvallis for over ten years. His interest started when flies took over his old farm house kitchen and that botanical curiosity quickly grew into an obsession.

Date:  March 25th from 10:00am to 11:30am
Cost:  $20

Please plan on arriving 10 minutes early to check-in and pay.