Bulbs for Summer Blooms

As winter gives way to spring, the ephemeral bright points that remind us warmer weather approaches are the various bulbs we planted five or six months ago.  They also remind us that another bulb planting season is upon us – it’s time to plant for the heat of summer.

For some, summer isn’t complete without the scent of lilies wafting through the evening air; for others it’s the visual feasts –  the strong structural statements of gladiolus in the border or the vase, the exclamations of color from immense dahlias, or the scarlet waves of montbretia swaying in dry winds.  But to enjoy any of these summer sensations requires just a little planning ahead.

Try some traditional favorites – oriental lilies, dahlias large and small, gladiolus, begonia, crocosmia, and canna; or explore more exotic sights and scents with foxtail lilies and pineapple lilies.  Spring plantings of summer blooming bulbs are the best and most economical way to add these powerful punches of fragrance and color to the garden, and to bring us through the long hot days of summer with a smile.

– Darren Morgan

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