The following instructions can be used to assemble both deep or western hive boxes.  The most important thing to remember is to make sure the handles are all facing upwards when you begin construction.

IMG_68041.  Gather your materials.  You’ll need: good exterior waterproof glue; a hammer; galvanized nails – 7D, 2 1/4″ or exterior wood screws – 1 5/8″; a carpenter’s speed square or similar tool.

IMG_68082.  Whether you use nails or screws, it is a good idea to predrill holes in each of the finger joints to prevent splitting.

IMG_68123.  Put a small amount of wood glue on each finger joint, and put the hive box together (no nails or screws yet!).  Use the speed square to verify that the box is truly square.  This is an essential step that will ensure your boxes sit nicely on one another and the frames are well aligned in the boxes.

4.  Begin placing nails or screws.  It is a good idea to put one on each side, then use the speed square again.  If everything checks out and your box is square and tight, begin finishing all of the nails or screws.

5.  One box done!  Enjoy the fresh wood smell and continue constructing a home for your bees.

IMG_65376.  Painting or staining your boxes is essential in our Northwest climate.  It helps to hang multiple boxes from sawhorses to speed the process.